Barrisol USA

Products and Services in USA and beyond Architects and Specifiers be sure to ask your Salesperson about Barrisol Products. Barrisol has an extensive dealer Network in North and South America including the Caribbean Islands. When it comes to Stretch Ceilings and Wall Systems, Barrisol is the World's pioneer and most experienced Installer.

The Barrisol division provides one of the most in demand services of Frank Novak & Sons Inc. This stretch ceiling system offers countless benefits with its installation. It is durable, stain resistant, and can perform well in many different climates. It improves insulation and can be installed quickly.  Barrisol comes in more than 100 different styles and colors that can be stretched to take on many forms, making it not only practical but also beautiful. Since its formation, this division has completed work for high-profile clients such as Hiram College, World Bank, and the Smithsonian, just to name a few. Barrisol turns ceilings into works of art and can add character to any room. 





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There are a wide variety of applications where barrisol can be used, Please visit to see more.